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"In 2008, I was dead broke. Wife, kids, bills, stress...and there seemed to be no relief in sight. I decided something had to change and real estate was it. A few years later, in 2013, I was able to retire. My passive income was larger than my monthly expenses. It meant...I didn't HAVE to work anymore. 

Now...I'm on a mission to help people start THEIR path to financial freedom through real estate investing. For a lot of people, utilizing their retirement funds to start acquiring real estate is the easiest way to get started. Let me show you how."

- Brad Hovis

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With over two decades on stage, Brad brings a humorous, down to earth approach to a sensitive, complicated issue...personal finance. Heart warming, relatable stories about his past financial struggles and how he and the audience can overcome these issues with practical, simple steps. Crowds across the country are left entertained and inspired to start their path to financial freedom.

Download the Media Kit and get Brad on your calendar. 

Common Venues: Real Estate Investment Clubs, Conferences, 1-3 Day Trainings, Investment Education, Churches, and Online Webinars. 


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